Freedom Planet 2 Gets New Character Trailers, Forthcoming Demo

by Robert Workman


We’ve been pretty excited to see what became of Freedom Planet 2 since its initial announcement back in late 2015, and now the team at GalaxyTrail has provided some information on just what we can expect from the anticipated sequel.

First off, there’s a demo in the works, or what’s being called a “Sample Version” of the game. It’s expected to hit PC by the end of the month, around the same time that the team will have the game on display at the PAX South event in San Antonio, which takes place from January 27th through the 29th. Those that are in attendance will definitely want to stop by to see the game in action.

But that’s not all, as the team also provided a pair of new gameplay trailers that feature two new main characters in action – Lilac and Carol. They’ve also included descriptions for each one, so you have a better idea of what each character brings to the table. We’ve included those beneath each trailer.

Lilac has received the least changes from the first Freedom Planet, but she still has some new tricks up her sleeve! Her Boost Breaker lets her jump out of her boosts while leaving behind a damaging explosion. She also benefits greatly from the new Guarding mechanic - which allows you to block/parry enemy attacks with proper timing - as well as Reviving, which lets you spend an extra life on the spot to get back up. (Careful though - you'll still go down in one hit!) Finally, Lilac can gain access to a set of Wing Gliders later in the game that enhance her Dragon Boost.

Carol's back, and she's got some new tricks up her feline sleeves! Her Jump Disc lets her slice up enemies from a distance, and she can home in on its location for extra damage. She can also throw the disc upwards to reach new heights. Combined with her wall jumping, she has the most vertical mobility of any character in the game. She's also been training in Bike Fu and has a number of new, hard-hitting attacks while riding her motorcycle. She can even throw it just like her disc!

GalaxyTrail will also be showing off the third character, Milla, very soon, possibly during PAX South.

The game is slated for release this year on Steam/PC, as well as an unspecified Nintendo platform – though the Switch looks like the safest bet.

By Robert Workman

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