Battlefield 1 Getting a New Custom Game and Update

by Robert Workman


As if January’s events weren’t enough to keep players busy in Battlefield 1 this month, Electronic Arts and DICE are already planning ahead with new stuff that’s coming around the bend for the next few weeks.

The developer has noted in a blog post that it will introduce a new Custom Game later this month, by the name of Bleed Out. Set to debut on January 18th, the mode will introduce some challenging new aspects, including soldiers dying faster before they can be rescued, as well as no health regeneration – so it’s a lot more realistic.

But the company got into more detail about what’s coming in February, indicating that several “gameplay improvements” are in the works, based on testing and fan feedback. This could mean the introduction of features to come with Battlefield’s rented servers, though DICE wasn’t specific just yet on what the update will bring.

We’ve already seen a number of changes to the game already, like some changes to popular maps, as well as better item balancing and weapon tweaking, as well as the debut of a new map in the game, Giant’s Shadow. No doubt, the new custom game mode, along with whatever changes are coming next month, will help push the game’s performance to greater heights as it goes along.

In the meantime, the first paid expansion for the game, They Shall Not Pass, is set to debut this March. It will introduce four new maps to the fold, but DICE hasn’t detailed what else is included in the pack just yet. We’re likely to know more as the map pack gets closer, so you may want to have that Season Pass at the ready. (The map pack is also available for individual purchase, if you prefer to go that route.)

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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