NVIDIA Introduces 4K-Compatible Shield System

by Robert Workman


NVIDIA’s press conference was in full swing tonight, with plenty of announcements revolving around the company’s tech. But it seems that its biggest focus is going on the handheld front.

The company has announced the debut of its newest Shield device, which it claims is “the world’s best streaming device.” The company has confirmed that it is the first home entertainment platform that fully supports 4K HDR, so that it looks better than ever. That’s not just for games either, as the device will also support Netflix and Amazon Video in full 4K. It's set to release this month, and will release at a very affordable $199.

The device will also feature a new Steam app, one that will enable players to stream their games straight from their PC – kind of like Valve’s devices do. It will also support Nvidia Spot, which integrates the Shield with Google Assistant for further usage.

More details about the new Shield are expected over the next few days, so be sure to check back for updates!

Thanks to @wario64 for the image!

By Robert Workman

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