The Super Retro Boy Is a Brilliant 3-in-1 Retro Gaming Handheld

by Matthew Hayes

superretro boy
(Photo: retro-bit)

We've just seen the Super Retro Boy from retro-bit, and it looks like a pretty sweet device. Details are scarce at the moment, but according to NintendoLife this is going to basically be a 3-in-1 emulation machine. The Super Retro Boy is a compact handheld device capable of playing your Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

For you hardcore handheld gamers, I know what you're thinking: "If this can play Game Boy Advance games, where are my shoulder buttons?" The shoulder buttons are actually on the face of the unit. In larger pictures you can see that the top buttons above A and B are actually labeled L and R. This should work fine for most games where the shoulder buttons were used for navigating menus and such, but we're not sure how well it will work for games the require quick simultaneous inputs.

To be clear, like retro-bit's other products, you'll have to actually own the cartridges of the games that you play. This isn't a portable hard drive for you to unload all of your ROMs to. It really is meant to be an all-in-one old school handheld replacement. If you guys are like me, you still have all of your old Game Boy cartridges laying around, and it might be nice to carry around something other than a 3DS to play these games. Sure, you could get an emulator on your phone, but no one wants to play a fighting game or platformer with a touch-screen.

You'll notice from the promotional picture that the Super Retro Boy boast a ten-hour battery life, and high resolution screen. Hopefully there will be a sleek and functional OS underneath that makes switching between games a delight.

This is expected to go on sale some time in August for $80, and will come with a 10-in-1 game cartridge. No word yet as to which games will be included on that cartridge. To peruse more of retro-bit's products, you can visit their website here.

By Matthew Hayes

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