Conan’s Clueless Gamer Is Becoming a Television Series

by Robert Workman


One of Conan O’Brien’s most successful segments on his latest TV show on TBS is no doubt Clueless Gamer, where he plays one of the newest video games on the market alongside some sort of celebrity guest, trying to get the hang of it. Well, fans, get ready for more of that.

Variety has reported that Conan is working on creating a Clueless Gamer television series.

The show has yet to receive an official order from the network, but is currently being produced by O’Brien’s Conaco company, alongside IMG.

One interesting note about it is that each episode actually wouldn’t feature O’Brien, as a new host would be put into place.

Turner Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly noted about the program, “Next month we’re going to go into production on a new series called Clueless Gamer, based on one of (O’Brien’s) viral videos. Celebrities play videos and he makes fun of them. It’s really broken out. We’ve had companies sending us their games pre-release.” (This includes Bethesda with Fallout 4 and, most recently, Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV.)

You can check out an episode of Clueless Gamer below to see what the segment is about, but it’s pretty funny stuff. Gotta wonder how it’ll work as a television series, though…

By Robert Workman

Robert Workman has spent years working in the video game industry, for sites like Shacknews, AOL GameDaily and Marooners Rock. He's also very skilled in contributing to podcasts and video broadcasts, and can pretty much out-game you under the table. Oh, and just go ahead and ask him about glorious craft beers. Go on, ask him.