More Proof Has Emerged That Mother 3 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Robert Workman

Mother 2

Earlier this week, we posted the news that Nintendo was bringing a fan favorite to the Nintendo Switch – the long-awaited sequel to Earthbound, Mother 3. Of course, we didn’t have any official proof of this before, but a nice little tidbit from the development studio may have tipped off that we’re going to get the game.

The tam at 1-UP Studio (formerly known as Brownie Brown) has gotten back into social posting again, after spending a bit of time off last year with posts revolving around business-related topics, like graduate seminars. However, a recent Facebook post appears to be game-related – and could lead to a nice little announcement.


It’s just a photo, but it’s a pretty big one, indicating that the team will be at the Nintendo Switch reveal that’s taking place next Thursday, January 12th, at 11 PM EDT. You can’t quite read what the text says, but roughly translated, it indicates that the game will be there, leading “an interesting year with new stuff coming to the world.”

Considering that 1-UP Studio is owned by Nintendo, this is news that definitely relates to the Mother 3 front, although the team didn’t make an official announcement in regards to what they would be showing at the Switch presentation. But fans can certainly dream, as they have been for the past few years about the game finally arriving on U.S. shores.

Interest in Earthbound began stirring again when Nintendo re-released the classic SNES game a few months back as a Virtual Console title on the Wii U. It’s sold remarkably well since that time, and has regenerated buzz back in the somewhat dormant franchise – though Nintendo obviously kept it in mind, with characters from the series appearing in Super Smash Bros. games for the past few years.

Here’s hoping that Mother 3’s return is right on track. We need it.

By Robert Workman

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