Nintendo’s New York Store Hosting Screening For Switch Reveal Next Thursday

by Robert Workman

Nintendo 2

As you probably know by now, Nintendo is hosting a special presentation for its Nintendo Switch console in less than a week, with a livestream set to go Thursday, January 12th, at 11:00 PM PDT. But for those that need to view the presentation in a more devoted setting, Nintendo’s New York retail location has you covered.

The store’s official Twitter account announced today that it would be hosting a special viewing event at the store, with the first 250 in line being able to get in and watch.

“#NintendoNYC invites you to an in-store exclusive viewing event of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 live from Tokyo on 1/12 @ 11PM,” the tweet read. Obviously, this is beyond normal store hours, but fans that are in the area should be able to head down and join in on the fun.

It doesn’t appear that any sort of special giveaways are taking place at the event. However, it may be a good idea to attend, as Nintendo might be opening up pre-orders for the Switch right after the presentation concludes, so you can order it on the spot while you’re there at the store. At least, that’s the way we’d do it.

Nintendo 2

For those not in New York, though, we’ll be providing full details from next week’s reveal event, including the games you can expect in the launch line-up, the release date, and, perhaps most importantly, the price you can expect to pay for the system.

Be sure to check back for all your Switch coverage. In the meantime, if you are in New York, be sure to check the store out. They’ve got plenty of cool stuff to see, along with exclusive collectibles that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s like Christmas for Nintendo fans…and yes, we know Christmas has passed.

By Robert Workman

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