Nintendo Switch Price: Everything We Know From Multiple Reports

by Matthew Hayes

Someone picked up a copy of The Metro, a free newspaper distributed in London, and noticed that a report about the Nintendo Switch included a price and release date, neither of which have been officially announced by Nintendo. You can find the snippet in question below, which suggests a release date of March 17 and a price point of £245, or $300 USD.

Now reports are flying all over the place about possible Nintendo Switch prices, probably because there are a few contradictory rumors coming in from a few different sources. We're going to sort this out right now so that there's no more confusion. The short answer is this: We don't know. We have no official word from Nintendo about the price, and so everything you're about to hear could be incorrect. With that out of the way, this is what we've heard.

Laura Kate Dale, our Nintendo Switch insider and beloved game critic, stated that her sources at UK retail chain GAME suggested that there will be two SKUs available at launch. There will (apparently) be the Nintendo Switch itself, priced at $250, and then a bundle which includes expanded storage and a pack-in game for $300. That's what we heard a while back.

Then we saw a little corroboration from the website GameSeek, which started taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch with a price guarantee of £198.50, which is $250 USD. The price guarantee means that GameSeek was confident in that price. If it ends up being more than that, consumers who placed their pre-order won't have to pay the difference. Seems like a sure thing, right?

Then Argos came along, and shoppers were able to snap screen-shots of a listing there that had the Switch priced at $350 USD. This listing stands out from the rest, as we've never seen any version of the Switch priced this high. We assume that this would be for some kind of premium bundle, but we were told previously that there would only be two SKUs, and the more expensive one would be $300.

The story in The Metro, however, doesn't say anything about a bundle. It just says that the Switch will cost $300, which would mean that a bundle could indeed cost $350.

Between all of these sources, it's Laura Kate Dale who I trust the most. I have a feeling that the writer who penned that article for the Metro probably hopped online and searched for the price, and found that story about the Argos listing. I expect to see a $250 Switch with a $300 bundle, but I could certainly be wrong. None of us will know until the Switch presentation airs next Thursday night, so stay tuned to WWG for the full report.

By Matthew Hayes

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