Nintendo Switch Presentation: How Long Is It, and What Will We See?

by Matthew Hayes

Can you believe it? We're less than a week away from the Nintendo Switch presentation at this point, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Among my fellow enthusiasts, a common topic of conversation at the moment is exactly how to plan next weekend around the presentation and following media blowouts. If you're having similar thoughts, we do have a bit of information from Japanese streaming site Niconico (via NintendoLife) that should make things a bit easier.

The Switch Presentation is scheduled to begin Thursday night at 11PM EST, and run for about an hour. Make that an hour "give or take," as you can obviously never plan a live presentation down to the minute and execute perfectly. It could end up running a bit longer if there are any technical hiccups, but it shouldn't keep you up all night. Nintendo tends to favor brevity, sometimes erroneously so. I'm wondering if an hour is even long enough to communicate everything, and show everything, that we're hoping to learn and see.

What are we expecting to see?

There are a few things we can count on. We obviously expect an official release date and a price. Multiple reports seem to indicate a March 17 release date, and a price of about $300 (possibly $250 for the base unit). 

President Kimishima is also supposed to present during the event. Whether he will be the main presenter or simply make an appearance is unknown at this point.

We also expect to see a fantastic launch lineup teased with plenty of gameplay footage, and a few exciting trailer debuts for games expected to launch later in the year, including Beyond Good & Evil 2 and a freaky Mario & Rabbids crossover RPG. I won't attempt to prophesy which games will or won't show up for sure, but I don't think we'll be disappointed.

What aren't we expecting to see?

Honestly, I'm not holding my breath for a ton of third-party titles. While there has been no shortage of executives expressing their enthusiasm and support, many still seem to be waiting to see how the Switch does at launch. Nintendo is going to ensure a strong launch by offering some killer first-party titles, and maybe a few third-party surprises here and there.

Don't expect to hear about all of the Nintendo Switch's specs and internals. Nintendo is infamously secretive when it comes to hardware, so unless a rep from Nvidia ends up on stage to talk about the custom GPU, I wouldn't count on hearing too much about the unit itself in regard to power and guts. 

It's going to be an exciting show.

The presentation may only last an hour, but I'm sure to be up all night wriggling with anticipation and excitement. We'll be covering the presentation extensively, and getting hands-on with the Switch soon thereafter, so stick around for all of our exclusive coverage!

By Matthew Hayes

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