Mass Effect Andromeda: $200 Collector's Edition Doesn't Include Game

by Matthew Hayes

If you're reading this then you already know what I'm going to be talking about, but let's pretend you made it in here without reading the headline. We're going to take a look a the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect Andromeda from this Amazon listing. Let's take a look at everything included in the $200 bundle:

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Collector's Edition Remote Control Nomad ND1
  • App controlled using smart device
  • 6 wheel drive with front and rear steering
  • Functioning LEDs and built-in camera
  • Includes a limited edition SteelBook case (game not included)

Alright, so for the serious Mass Effect fans that just have to get the biggest and baddest, we have some sweet goodies here. Well, really you're just getting one giant goody. That remote controlled Nomad is pretty awesome, but is it really worth $200? After all, you're not actually getting the game with this bundle. You read that, right? $200, and no game.

This is similar to what EA did with Battlefield 1. The Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition was $130, and it came with a 14" statue, steel book case, cloth poster, deck of playing cards, exclusive DLC contained in a messenger pigeon tube, and exclusive patch... But no game. This was a baffling decision to many of us, and there were obviously a fair amount of critics questioning why anyone would spend this much money on an edition of a game that doesn't actually include the dang game. By the way, that Battlfield 1 Collector's Edition can be bought from Amazon right now for $37 (72% off).

Many collectors argue that this is the best way to package a collector's edition, because it enables you to buy the game digitally or physically, on any platform that you want, and play it without having to open your collector's edition box. Tearing open the box to dig out your game obviously brings the value down quite a bit, so this is seen as the ideal solution to some. What do you think? Worth the cost, or total rip-off? Come chat with us on Facebook and tell us what you think!

By Matthew Hayes

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