Kratos vs. The Hulk: Only One Leaves the Epic Brawl Alive in New Arcade Mode Video

by Matthew Hayes

Remember when you were a kid, playing with your action figures in the bathtub? You'd make all kinds of impossible super-hero pairings or match-ups in fantasy battles as you splashed about making punch and explosion sound effects with your mouth. Ninja Turtles would go toe-to-toe with Batman. Crash-Test Dummies would get smashed to bits by Power Rangers. G.I. Joe would trade blows with Superman.

Ah, those were the days! The love of crazy mash-ups is the reason we love games like Super Smash Bros. and Marvel vs. Capcom so much, and it's the reason the video we're about to show you is so fun.

YouTuber "Mightyraccoon!" has a series called Arcade Mode in which he pits our favorite heroes from popular comics and video games in deadly duels to the death. In past episodes we've seen One Punch Man vs. Superman, Dante vs. Deadpool, Deathstroke vs. Wolverine, and Ryu vs. Jin Kazama. All of these mash-ups play out in brutal, gory detail.

In the latest episode of Arcade Mode we have a mash-up worthy of the gods: Kratos, the God of War, vs. The Hulk. The video has a fairly lengthy introduction explaining how badass each combatant is before the showdown starts in earnest. Once things kick off it's pure, explosive action.

Be warned: like in episodes past, there is no shortage of blood or gore in this fight. You'll see Kratos unleash the full fury of his Blades of Chaos upon The Hulk, dealing what one would assume are several mortal blows as torrents of green blood spew into the air.

Things don't end well for either combatant, depending on which ending you watch. You can see the original video below, and feel free to watch the alternate ending here. Either way, someone is going to be losing their head.

And in case you missed it, the showdown between Deadpool and Dante can't be missed. Deadpool. Place your bets, this one gets just as messy:

By Matthew Hayes

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