Nintendo Switch: Reports Could Indicate a Possible Launch Shortage

by Matthew Hayes

The Switch is going to be hot this March. Nintendo has done a bang-up job marketing this little portable console, unlike the Wii U. When the Wii U released no one knew what it was or who it was for. "Nintendo Switch," on the other hand, is already a well-known name, and everyone knows exactly what makes it special. You can read more about why I think the Switch will succeed where the Wii U failed here, but the bottom line is people are going to want this thing at launch, and it may turn out to be hard to find.

The big story from GoNintendo yesterday had to do with GameStop's Nintendo Switch supply (or lack thereof). I'll let the video speak for itself below, and then I'll come right back to share my thoughts. If you're short on time and don't feel like watching the video, I'll sum it up nicely for you.

The gist is this: Not all GameStops are going to receive an ample supply of Nintendo Switches for launch. The GameStop in question is reportedly only receiving around 20 units, and I can hardly believe that 20 units will be enough to satisfy the launch-day frenzy.

Now before you "switch" into doom-and-gloom mode, do consider that every GameStop in the country isn't going to receive a limit of 20 Switches. It could be that this is a mid-to-small sized GameStop, and bigger stores might be receiving more units. You will also have Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, or pretty much any other retailer you can think of stocking and selling this thing. I'm not expecting a NES Classic Edition situation here, but I'm also going to be placing my pre-order as soon as freaking possible.

Speaking of pre-orders, we're hearing that you'll be able to place your Nintendo Switch pre-order at Gamestop on the Thursday or Friday following the Switch event, so be ready. You may want to keep Amazon refreshing throughout the night as well in case those pre-orders go live. Better safe than sorry!

By Matthew Hayes

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