Play the New Netflix Web-Game Starring Original Series Super-Stars

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Netflix)

Netflix has been killing it lately with its original programming. Stranger Things, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, Narcos... There are months' worth of shows - endless binge watching pleasure - just waiting for your perusal and commitment. If you're a subscriber, your free time is likely already scarce. If you do happen to find a few free moments, Netflix welcomes you to squander those as well with its new infinite runner web-game.

You can play the game right now for free at the "flix arcade," just click here. The game itself is... Well, it's not going to show up at this year's Game Awards, I can tell you that. Even by "runner" standards this is pretty minimal on mechanics and features. If you're going to enjoy this game at all, it will be because of its four playable characters, all of whom you're sure to recognize.

Upon loading the game you can choose one of four familiar faces: there's Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Marco Polo from Marco Polo, Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black, and Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. Each character will run through their own uniquely themed track, jumping over enemies and collecting power-ups which will eventually unleash a special ability that clears the track of all obstacles for a short period of time.

I gave it a go and played for about three minutes before the novelty wore off. I'm also on the clock so, you know, I needed to get back to work. You may find the game has stronger legs for you than it did for me, especially if you have some time to kill. You could talk to the people around you on your commute to work, but those prison-issued dinner trays aren't going to jump over themselves, are they? Give it a shot.

By Matthew Hayes

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