Spider-Man PS4 Story Reportedly Leaked

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Insomniac Games)

The new Spider-Man game from Insomniac is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, if we can indeed look forward tp it this year and not next. The game is still a ways off, at any rate, but we're okay with that because we know that Insomniac doesn't make bad games. Its Ratchet & Clank reboot proved that it could take a well-known franchise and completely refashion it into something beautiful, surprising, and downright fun. We've played a lot of Spider-Man games over the years, but we're still expecting Insomniac to do something a little different.

And it seems Insomniac is taking a different direction with its Spider-Man game, if a leaked plot synopsis is to be believed. A short description of the game's story was leaked, and then removed from IMDB. It doesn't give us much, but it's something. Here's the full synopsis (via GamesRadar):

"Spider-Man must fight the terrifying foe Green Goblin as he contends with his usual life of being a married man with a daughter. But when the Goblin hatches a sinister plan, can Spidey save his family and himself?"

So obviously this won't be the typical Spider-Man origin story. We won't be focused on a high school Peter Parker losing his uncle, meeting Mary Jane, and coming to grips with his abilities for the first time. This is an adult, matured Peter Parker with a wife and family to care for. This could lead to some significant story turns and really interesting character development and player choice.

The GamesRadar article also notes the word "sinister" in the synopsis, and speculates that we could perhaps be going up against the "Sinister Six," an iterative and amorphous band of villains that shows up every now and then in the Spider-Man comics.

As for Insomniac, its suggesting you not put too much faith in the leak.

That's that, I suppose... Unless it's not. Until Insomniac actually comes through with another trailer of official press release, we're left to speculate. What do you think of the supposed synopsis? Would you be happy with an older Spider-Man, or are you craving a fresh origin story? Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know!

By Matthew Hayes

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