For Honor Closed Beta Kicks Off Later This Month

by Robert Workman


Ever since its open beta a few weeks ago, players have been dying (okay, not literally, but in-game) to get the chance to play the competitive combat/action game For Honor again…and Ubisoft is about to give it to them.

The company announced on its blog page today that the closed beta for For Honor will be kicking off soon, taking place from January 26th through January 29th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will be able to “join the fray as Knights, Vikings and Samurai, and experience the brutal melee combat of For Honor.” All players need to do is sign up for the official beta by going to this site and registering.

“During the Closed Beta, players can also dive into War of the Factions and get a taste of the overarching conflict between the three warring groups,” the company noted in its announcement. “War of the Factions will track every match across all platforms during the Closed Beta, and players will be rewarded for fighting for their factions (with extra spoils going to the victorious faction). Additional rewards will also be given to those that participate in the Closed Beta. Both sets of rewards will transfer over to the full game at launch.”

It sounds like a great deal to us, and allows Ubisoft to test out its servers for the game prior to the game’s launch on February 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Plus, we get to try out more of the game’s combat, whether it’s 1 vs. 1 battles or full-on team deathmatches where soldiers drop like flies. (We’re big fans of that particular mode.)

Check out the trailer below, and get excited to carve history a new one as For Honor is set to arrive in just a few weeks. Dibs on the samurai!

By Robert Workman

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