Thanks To a Glitch, This Player Got To Explore the Full Map In Final Fantasy XV

by Robert Workman

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 5.28.55 PM

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV has a vast world that’s just waiting to be explored – now, if you just had the freedom to do so…

Well, thanks to the YouTube channel Fotm Hero, you can do so…at least, in the first half of the game. The user managed to post two videos from the game which, thanks to a glitch they came across, enables them to explore the world using Noctis. Yes, you can actually break away and see what’s what in the city, thanks to the glitch in question.

The first video shows off the city of Cartanica, and what happens when you go roaming wild through it. As you can see, there are no missions yet, but, hey, it’s nice to look at…

But the second video is a bit more interesting, as it enables Noctis to look around the entirety of Niflheim. And yes, it’s kind of barren just like Cartanica, but you can bet that Square Enix has some kind of plan for this game when it comes to DLC in the future. We certainly hope so.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By Robert Workman

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