Weird Super Mario World Tricks Emerge, Make Us Want To Play the Game Again

by Robert Workman

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And now from the “we know it’s really retro but holy damn, this is cool” department, we present to you some cool finds that Destructoid recently unearthed for the SNES classic Super Mario World.

Supper Mario Broth recently learned that there is a way to take out the Big Boos in the haunted house levels of Super Mario World. At first, it seemed invincible, and eager to kill you with a couple of hits, but there’s a sneaky little move that you can use. By sliding down stairs either forwards or backwards, you can bump into the Big Boo and, boom, take it out. Seriously. Check out this awesome GIF if you don’t believe it.

Oh, but that isn’t all. You can apparently use this technique on green Ghost House Bubbles as well, taking them out of the equation with the same move.

But perhaps the most shocking thing? If you come across buzzsaws and have the ability to slide into them, surprise – you take them out as well. But the weird thing is the misshapen enemy that they turn into once you do take them out. Go look for yourself.

Since then, fans have been in awe of this incredible technique…but that’s not all. A Twitter user by the name of Socratically Adan has uncovered the ability to eat Blargg with the help of Yoshi. Yep, being able to pretty much devour a fire demon while riding atop your dino friend. Now this is just getting insane.

Check out the clips for yourself, then give Super Mario World a try and put them into practice. It’s been so long anyway, you owe it to yourself.

By Robert Workman

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