A Revamped Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Demo Has Arrived…And It Doesn’t Suck

by Robert Workman

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.33.40 PM

We could easily make a list of all the things that went wrong with the 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog, whether it was the tiring level design, the boring missions where you had to complete objectives to move on, or, probably worst of all, the bizarre kiss between Sonic and a human girl. But, leave it to a team of savvy programmers to offer some form of vindication for the title.

The team at Gistix consists of a number of fans of Sonic, and they’ve taken a great deal of time to put together its own special demo of Sonic the Hedgehog, one that – wait for it – doesn’t suck.

The demo can be seen below, and can be downloaded here. It doesn’t take that much space at all, and fully supports controller play, so you can run through the level provided by the team and conquer it in no time flat.

While a full game would’ve been appreciated, the team did a great job with this one-level job, and it doesn’t appear to be in any danger of removal, since Sega is fine with fans making remakes of Sonic games, provided they’re offered free of charge. (Something Nintendo, on the other hand, isn’t quite fond of.)

The demo was built using Unity tech, and looks pretty good, even on older PC models, so be sure to give it a try when you get a chance. Who knows, it might just make you believe in Sonic again…as if the forthcoming Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 didn’t make you do that already.

By Robert Workman

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