Epic New Gangplank Skin Teased

by James Bates

Dreadnova Insignia
(Photo: Riot Games)

Gangplank fans have something to look forward to in the near future, it seems. The League's most notorious pirate that even death couldn't catch looks be getting a space-themed facelift in the near future. 

Riot released this teaser early on Wednesday morning that hinted at either a new skin, or an entirely new champion. If one connects the dots, however, it becomes apparent that this is a teaser for the upcoming Dreadnova Gangplank.

Whether this skin is the beginning of a new line or not is a hot topic for debate, and anticipation is already brewing for a whole line with the same Star Wars-inspired aesthetic. How many champions could fit this theme is an open question, however, as many of the lower tech champions in the League would seem to be a stretch in such a setting. If Gangplank can manage the transition, though, then the sky is the limit -- even if a more high-tech Gangplank skin isn't without precedent.  

The price of the new skin is unknown at this time, but it's very rare for skins that receive dedicated teasers to warrant a price tag lower than 975 RP. Most end up being Legendary skins, and there's plenty of reason to believe that may be the case here. Gangplank currently is lacking a Legendary skin, and the workmanship of this one certainly seems high enough to justify it. Legendary skins also tend to be large departures from the champion's original theme, which this skin also is. 

All our questions are sure to be answered soon, though, as teasers such as these are almost always followed by a more detailed announcement.

By James Bates

A wanna-be novelist turned coach turned journalist, James is living proof that you never know where you'll end up. He's in love with narrative-heavy games, which he proves by spending his days writing about a game with less lore than Doom. His greatest regret in life is not having his name in the credits of Life is Strange, and it's galvanized him to truly pursue developing games that don't begin in packed taverns and use D20s.