Fallout 4 Mod Turns the Game Into a Classic 90s Shooter

by Matthew Hayes

There's a new mod for Fallout 4 that 90s kids everywhere are going to eat up faster than breakfast pizza. The mod is called "Revolted" and it basically turns a section of the Fallout 4 world into a classic 90s shooter campaign. Here's the official description from Nexus Mods from mod creator "Cohagen:"

"Revolted is a video game you can play on the terminal in Concord Speakeasy.
In the game you play as the Overseer of Vault 102 and must take back control of the Vault from the evil Professor. 

"Revolted (the future of gaming) has many features which include: Three dimensional Graphics, Mono sound, poly processing and Next level artificial intelligence. Revolted is the next level of challenge, bad guys are really mean, bullets give you damage, toxic waste is toxic and the language at times borders on inappropriate."

The game even as a fittingly cheesy trailer:

As you can see, "Revolted" gives you everything you want from a 90s shooter. Color-coded doors with floppy disc keys, polygonal NPCs, muddy textures... It really takes us back.

This is why mods are such a big deal to the life of a game like Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Games with worlds this big - with so many assets, locations, and characters - have so much latent potential in the creative minds of gamers who love to tinker. It's a win-win for developers and players. Revolted, for example, could become someone's new favorite game, and it ensures that more time is spent playing Fallout 4. You better believe that when the next The Elder Scrolls or Fallout comes around, users who have fond memories creating or playing with mods will be among the first in line to buy it.

Check out Revolted here at Nexus Mods, along with tons of other free mods. Just be smart, and be safe.

By Matthew Hayes

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