Gaming Grandpa Gives Fond Farewell To His Favorite MMO

by Robert Workman

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It’s always sad when a gaming experience comes to a close, either because a developer decides to move on to something else, or servers get shut down in favor of the big new thing on the horizon.

And many gamers are feeling that pain with the closing of the massive multiplayer online game Asheron’s Call, which will be shutting down at the end of the month. Among the players that are feeling the bitterness of its closure, however, is a 74-year old gamer who’s been playing the game since it initially launched in 1999 – 18 years ago.

Kotaku is reporting that the gamer, who didn’t reveal his name, posted a video onto YouTube through Vancouver-based We Sleep Talk, explaining the time he’s invested in the game, as well as more details about his character. He does so fondly, but with a smile on his face, ready to move on to his next big gaming adventure. Oh, and he totally shows off playing two characters at once. Because, you know, he can.

As for the next game he’ll be playing, he hasn’t revealed just what’s on his agenda next. But his granddaughter, who recorded and uploaded the video, is already asking for suggestions. Feel free to make some on the video page.

Farewell, Asheron’s Call. You were something else.

By Robert Workman

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