Has Wal-Mart Just Revealed the Nintendo Switch Price?

by Robert Workman

Switch 2

Nintendo is set to reveal all its information on its Switch console tomorrow night, including details on its launch line-up, pricing and availability. However, that isn’t stopping some leaks from making the rounds, and providing hints at different pricing models.

A Reddit user by the name of FenderGuy94 has posted an image of a Nintendo Switch presell ticket from Wal-Mart, and it indicates a much higher price than most retailers have been listing the system for -- $399.99.


There’s no reason to flip out just yet, as Nintendo hasn’t revealed the official price of the system. However, this could indicate that we could be looking at different models of the Switch, with much more storage space. After all, that’s the way Nintendo marketed the Wii, with an 8GB model selling for less than the deluxe 32GB model, which would later become the norm on the market.

Previous retailers have listed the system for as low as $249.99, but there have been others that have been listing it anywhere from $299 on up, so the price hasn’t been finalized just yet. The multiple models system would certainly make sense, as companies have been prone to doing that in the past, like PlayStation 4 selling 500GB and 1TB models, and Xbox One S going as far as 2TB in terms of memory.

We’ll definitely know more by tomorrow evening, when Nintendo will spill the beans on what to expect from the Switch, and then pre-orders should open up soon thereafter, with throngs of fans looking to get their hands on the system when it arrives in March. In the meantime, though, all we can do is speculate and wonder just what the final pricing for the system will end up being. Here’s hoping it’s competitive, but fair, to say the least.

By Robert Workman

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