New Hori Nintendo Switch Accessories Have Been Revealed

by Robert Workman

Switch 2

We’re just two days away from the full reveal of the Nintendo Switch console, including its launch line-up, pricing and street date. But that isn’t stopping accessories made by Hori for the system from being revealed by some savvy NeoGAF users.

Even though all the peripherals aren’t listed here, we’ve gotten a hold of some of the best ones out there, including something cool for fans of The Legend of Zelda. In fact, let’s knock that out first…

Nintendo Switch Zelda Tablet Skin and Protector

Switch 2

First up is a cool little skin for the Nintendo Switch, one that features a Legend of Zelda inspired design. It works as both a protector for the device and a skin – the best of both worlds!

Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

Switch 2

Next up is the Nintendo Switch wired controller. No word yet if you can take the cable loose yet or not, but the design looks to be in a more conventional Xbox-style design. Plus, check out the inclusion of a Turbo button!

Nintendo Switch Zelda Tablet and Six Game Cartridge Carrying Case

Switch 2

This peripheral looks to be a big hit for those taking their Switch gaming on the go, including the ability to carry their peripherals in a tidy case, along with a few games!

Nintendo Switch Dock and JoyCon Legend of Zelda Skins

Switch 2

Although not as fancy as the previously featured face skin, this looks to be a grand slam of a design for fans of Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo Switch Fighting Controller

Switch 2

Fighting games haven’t been announced for the Switch just yet, but with both Super Smash Bros. and Pokken Tournament being rumored, this could be a big hit for fighting fans.

Nintendo Switch Tablet Holder

Switch 2

We’re not sure who would need a tablet holder outside of the one that’s already going to come with the system, but if you prefer comfy sit-down play, maybe this is an option for you.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger

Switch 2

Last but not least, here’s a car charger, if you want to keep playing your Switch on those long road trips. Perfect if you’re making a run to Vegas with friends!

These accessories should be announced shortly following the Switch’s reveal, along with pricing and availability. Be sure to check back for full details!

By Robert Workman

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