New Vehicles and an Adversary Mode Coming To Grand Theft Auto Online Next Week

by Robert Workman


As if this week’s additions to the game weren’t enough, it appears that Grand Theft Auto Online will be getting even more content to enjoy next week.

iTechPost has reported that the game will get more of a focus on racing with its latest downloadable content, which is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. This includes a new Adversary Mode called Vehicle Vendetta, along with a new vehicle, one that’s bound to be as high-powered in performance as the car we got this week.

In addition, another upgrade that could be on the way will focus on the ability to play as the police. The DLC will offer a new pack that could introduce new vehicles and characters to the fray, letting you play on the right side of the law. You know, for once.

There’s no word yet on what this DLC will be priced at yet, but we’ll know more soon, as the content comes around in the next few days. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of games of Cops and Robbers we can put together in the GTA universe.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now, as part of the package for Grand Theft Auto V, which you can pick up for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

By Robert Workman

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