Rocket League Sets New Record For Online Match-Ups

by Robert Workman


Psyonix’s Rocket League continues to be quite the trend-setter. Since its release on PlayStation 4 back in 2015, it’s become an esports phenomenon, and it’s made its way to other platforms as well, including Xbox One and PC. It’s also seen plenty of new DLC content released for it, including modifiers, new game types and even licensed content from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Back To the Future.

Well, now the game has set an all new record, as Psyonix has reported that it’s set a new record with the number of matches that have taken place. More than one billion (yes, BILLION) matches have taken place since the game’s release a year and a half ago, including 31 million matches in the Rumble mode, which launched last year.

These numbers are broken up across the game’s consistent 25 million players, with half of them being played on a competitive scale. Meanwhile, 33 percent of these matches were mere casual get-togethers, while 11 percent of them were played in alternative modes, and six percent were in private matches.

As Game Informer puts it, this equals about 421 centuries of human effort, poured into this insanely popular game. And Psyonix isn’t done yet, as it has plenty more content planned for the game in 2017, which we’ll see over the course of the next few months.

It just goes to show that the “next big thing” could always be around the corner. Rocket League found immense success since its release, making a name not only for Psyonix, but a new breed of esports excitement that continues to shake the landscape, with plenty of tournaments and match-ups to keep fans happy. We can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

Rocket League is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you haven’t played it yet, um, you’ll want to get on that.

By Robert Workman

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