Sea of Thieves Gets a New Co-Op Oriented Gameplay Video

by Robert Workman


In other Microsoft news not related to Scalebound, Rare’s Sea of Thieves continues to swim right along in its progress, as the development team has released a new video that showcases how players can work together in cooperative fashion as they tackle the high seas.

New gameplay is featured in this video, and, in addition, senior designers Shelley Preston and Andrew Preston also talk quite a bit about elements of the game.

The team talks about how the features are built on a social front, and how sailing of the ship is handled, with one person manning the ship and another mapping out the course. (Oh, and the person driving the ship totally has to deal with a sail getting in the way. A person will need to stand on the front of the ship for better navigation.)

The social mechanics are based around sharing information with your crew, such as showing a map to them and plotting out a course on land. This is vital if you want to successfully find treasure or take on enemies that may get in your way.

Oh, and you don’t necessarily need to be good at a role in order to fill it. That means players can work together on a number of positions and try new stuff over the course of their journey, adding significantly to the replay value.

And apparently there’s a way to shanghai treasure over the course of the game. If you do find something on an island, you’re not safe with the treasure unless you get back to your ship and check in. That means other players can attempt to overtake your treasure, which can leave you high and dry when it comes to funds.

The game looks fascinating at this point, and could be a fun pirating time for fans of Rare and casual players alike. Check out the video below!

Sea of Thieves will release this year for Xbox One.

By Robert Workman

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