The New Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Has a Story To Tell

by Robert Workman


We’ve been seeing more of a promotional push for Sony’s Horizon: Zero Dawn as of late, which makes sense considering it releases in just a few weeks’ time. But the latest trailer definitely gives you a motivational push to give it a try, since it tells more of the story that you’ll be jumping into with Aloy.

She finds herself thrust into the middle of a battle when she finds a number of her fellow villagers slaughtered, and vows to track down the killers – even if that takes her out of the safety of her home. But what she discovers is much more dangerous than she could ever realize, as she comes across a deadly tribe that’s starting its own sinister agenda with robot creatures, that appear to be corrupted in some way. This not only spells bad news for other innocent robot creatures, but humanity in general – especially when the “big boy” arrives at the end of the cinematic trailer.

You can watch all the action in the clip below, and don’t worry – it doesn’t spoil the story that much at all, it merely sets up what you can expect from the game. There’s definitely a villain reveal here, as you come across a tribe leader that will stop at nothing from leading his new robotic brigade over the countryside, like a plague.

The game’s cinemas look outstanding, and appear to blend right in with the in-game action, which is being produced by the Killzone producers at Guerrilla Games. It resembles its most ambitious work to date, as you can explore the open world with Aloy, challenging robotic predators and meeting up with fellow tribesmen (and women) in the hopes of quelling this robotic threat and bringing peace to the land.

You can see Horizon: Zero Dawn for yourself when the game arrives on February 28th for PlayStation 4.

By Robert Workman

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