Vainglory: New Game Mode and Character Skins Revealed

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Super Evil Megacorp)

Today during a special Super Evil Megacorp dev stream, a brand new game mode was revealed for the mobile MOBA smash-hit Vainglory. The new game mode is called Blitz, and it's quite a bit different from the standard and Battle Royale game modes.

The big difference with Blitz is that the entire match will last no longer than five minutes. Standard and Battle Royale matches will last until the Vain crystal on either side is destroyed, but in Blitz, a timer starts at the beginning of the match that will terminate the game when it reaches 0. Alternatively, the game will conclude when either team scores 15 points. Points are scored in a variety of ways. Taking out special minions in the jungle and taking out enemy heroes will earn your team points. Taking out enemy turrets will earn your team three points each.

You also start at level nine, with 6000 gold to splurge on items. That changes everything. You'll have your ultimate right off the bat, with all of your most important upgrades. This will encourage players to play much more aggressively, thus speeding up matches even more dramatically. You can expect Blitz to enter beta mode for all players along with patch 2.1.

Also coming with the new patch are fancy new skins for Ozo and Lance, as well as Epic chests. These new chests will set you back 999 ICE, but you're guaranteed at least one new hero, one new skin, and a chance at a 1 million ICE jackpot. No, you didn't read that wrong.

Several fans were in the Twitch chat asking about the possibility of a new map for Battle Royale, but we're told that if that does happen that it would still be a ways off. For now, we'll have to continue to enjoy our same map and glowing white walls of mystery.

We'll have more updates from Super Evil Megacorp soon about the exact release timing for patch 2.1, which at the moment is still up in the air, so stay tuned!

By Matthew Hayes

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