Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Could Be Coming To EA Access

by Robert Workman


So, in case you missed it earlier this week, EA’s highly-appreciated first-person shooter sequel Battlefield: Bad Company 2 joined the backward compatible line-up for Xbox One. Since then, the price on the game has gone up quite a bit on GameStop…but there may be another way to play it if you have EA Access.

Earlier today, on a post over on Xbox’s German Facebook page, there was a live stream that showcased a number of games. But one very interesting message was that the shooter, which originally released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 years ago, will be part of the EA Access service. “Let’s play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xbox one! Now Backwards Compatible and in the store or at EA Access in the vault! Still a cool title right?” the show noted in its description. You can catch that broadcast here.

EA hasn’t confirmed the addition of the title on the U.S. EA Access store yet, but it is available in Germany, so it’s a good possibility we’ll see it here sooner rather than later. The publisher has been known to add Xbox 360 titles to the service in the past, including, most recently, the original Mass Effect trilogy, as well as the snowboarding game SSX. So now it’s just a matter of time, seeing when the game will arrive…

Check out the trailer below, and be prepared to enter back into Bad Company!

By Robert Workman

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