Are Players Being Banned For Being Too Skilled In Battlefield 1?

by Robert Workman


We understand that players can usually get banned in games for using a lot of not-so-legal means, such as cheating or trying to program something in their favor within the game. But we’ve never heard of a circumstance where you could be banned from a game because you’re too good.

Regardless, that’s the case with a player by the name of kL-Spazmo, who claimed he was a victim of the FairFight anti-cheat system that’s being used in EA’s Battlefield 1. Per this Reddit thread, He noted that the system unfairly banned him for playing too well within the game, with the first temporary ban popping up in December before a second one was inflicted in January. “For me, this temporary ban was reason enough to record everything that would happen after the suspension was lifted,” he noted. “And that’s what I did.”

Following his second ban, kL-Spazmo reached out to EA Support on Twitter, explaining, “After playing EVERY BF game and 3000+ hours in FF-enabled games alone, I just got perm banned for “cheating”. Help?”

A rep got back to him suggesting he contact EA Support, and that they would help him further if he didn’t get a response. He’s since been unbanned following the review of his case, but he’s still posting gameplay videos where he was wrongfully banned from play within the game.

Though DICE hasn’t said anything on the matter just yet, it’s realizing there are issues with the system, and are probably adjusting to them. It’s possible that a new CTE and password-protected server system may also be introduced in the future for better balancing, but nothing is finalized just yet.

By Robert Workman

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