This Inflatable Xbox One Controller Is Perfect For Your Pool Antics

by Robert Workman


We’ve seen a lot of cool Xbox One accessories over the years, from an exclusive Xbox One onesie perfect for lounging around the house to actual practical stuff, like the Gears of War 4 Xbox One Elite controller. But Xbox Australia’s latest goodie makes it ideal for taking an Xbox controller into a pool – something you probably shouldn’t do with the real deal.

The company has announced the debut of the Xbox Inflatable, a large, white Xbox One controller-shaped floaty that is perfect for lounging around the pool, or pretending to play something like Forza Horizon 3 while you’re wading in the water. The controller comes with two convenient drink holders (where the select and start buttons usually are), and is pretty big.

However, Xbox Australia joked that the controller isn’t compatible with Xbox One or Xbox One S console, or the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, or even the Xbox One chat headset or stereo headset. But feel free to use it with your pool like crazy, or the ocean or wherever else you feel like wading this summer.

Xbox 2

Although the company isn’t necessarily selling the Xbox Inflatable, those that are interested can enter this contest over on Facebook, in an attempt to win it. We’re not sure if the contest is compatible with U.S. gamers, but the site hasn’t said otherwise, so the least you can do is enter and find out.

Hopefully, Microsoft will see the awesomeness of this little pool toy (along with that Xbox onesie – damn it, we still want one) and sell them in their stores closer to when summer rolls around. We’d certainly buy a couple to lounge around the office pool with. And, for that matter, how about some in different colors? A big Gears of War Elite controller would be just the ticket for wading away those summer blues…

By Robert Workman

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