Titanfall 2’s New Patch Adds Balancing, Squashes Bugs

by Robert Workman


Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a new patch is incoming for Titanfall 2 that will bring a number of bug fixes to the game, along with some balancing that some players should notice right off the bat.

The team detailed the update today in a new forum post, and it discussed a number of improvements the patch will make, including eliminating some bugs and adding damage buffs to certain weapons, including the Flatline, the R-97, the Spitfire and more. In addition, some pilot tools will also be downgraded, including the Volt submachine gun and the Pilot Sentry Boost.

The full notes of what the patch will fix can be found below.

  • New logging to report player connection quality to help us track down reports of laggy games and disconnects.
  • Drastically reduced requirements for Match Loss Protection – Increased chance of not receiving a match loss for joining a game late that we do not expect you to win. When joining matches late if the game has progressed far enough you will see a message notifying you that you will not receive a loss.
  • Increased direct Pilot hit damage for Gravity Star.
  • Increased damage on the Flatline, R-97, Spitfire, L-Star, Double Take, EPG, and Thunderbolt.
  • Decreased damage on the Volt.
  • Regen no longer resets Pilot loadout names.
  • Assists count as Weapon XP again.
  • Nerfed Pilot Sentry.
  • Firestar will no longer display “Thermite Attached” if detonated on friendly Titans.
  • Fixed Ion Vortex Shield drain being framerate dependent.
  • Fixed bad AI navigation on Complex.
  • Fixed collision on Crashsite to prevent players from going into walls.
  • Fixed Legion Overcore not being available after using Smart Core.
  • Fixed “Fairfight category is incompatible”.
  • Fixed various stability issues.

There’s no time frame as of yet when the fix will go live, but it’s expected very soon.

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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