The Video Game Voice Strike Is Still Going, Second Longest In SAG History

by Robert Workman


If you thought the video game voice actor strike was anywhere close to resolution, we’re afraid we have some bad news.

Deadline has reported that the SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike is still ongoing, and is the second-longest strike in the history of the Screen Actors Guilt. The strike has now lasted 96 days, passing the 95-day strike that occurred in 1980 over pay TV and video cassette (remember those?) deals.

That leaves only one strike to overcome, the one that occurred in the year 2000, when the SAG had a strike for 183 days over commercials.

The main discussion point appears to be the game industry’s inability to pay residual payment bonuses and other profit-sharing opportunities to actors, the union noted. It also asked that its performers receive an additional “full-scale payment” for every 500,000 units that have been sold, with a maximum of two payments if a game sells over two million units.

Voice actor Crispin Freeman, who voices Winston in the hit game Overwatch, talked to Gamespot about the importance of the video game actors’ place in the industry. “We negotiated with them for 19 months in good faith,” he noted. “It’s the longest negotiation SAG-AFTRA has ever done. It was the last thing we wanted to do, but they left us with no choice.”

We certainly hope that the game industry and SAG-AFTRA find a solution soon, because, yep, we need good voice actors in video games.

By Robert Workman

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