This Japanese Gaming Chair Looks Weird – And It’s Exactly What A Lot Of Gamers Want

by Robert Workman


We’ve seen our fair share of amazing gaming chairs on the market, but a strange new model from Japan is currently taking the cake, with over two million of them on back order. Yep, the chair you see above.

RocketNews24 is reporting that the chair, called the Buddy, isn’t shaped like your regular chair. Instead, you actually sit in it like a saddle, with your knees and legs sticking out over the sides, and your arms able to lean up on a comforter at the top. Apparently getting in that sort of set-up does good things for your back, while you sit handily in the chair.

Buddy, “the game chair,” is currently set to sell for just under 5,000 yen ($43), which makes it a fairly decent bargain compared to other chairs on the market. And you can actually turn it around if you want to lean back and revel in one of your gaming victories, instead of actually just sitting forward.

It can be ordered here through Amazon Japan’s website, but apparently new units won’t be shipping until April 2017. Yep, that popular. And it comes in a convenient array of colors, including Abyss Brown, Leaf Green, Shadow Brown and Bibit Pink.

It might be worth doing an import order for it if you’re looking for something outside the typical gaming chair…but, man, wouldn’t your legs fall asleep sitting in it? Just wondering…

By Robert Workman

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