The Witcher Gets An Impressive Swordplay and Sorcery-Filled Fan Film

by Nathan Birch

Video game movies are almost always bad, but in a hypothetical world where Hollywood respects the gaming industry, The Witcher could be made into a pretty good movie. Really, The Witcher games are, by video game standards, pretty grounded, and we could use a more mature fantasy film series. And by “more mature,” I mean one with lots of naked people.

Well, you can now get a small taste of what a Witcher movie might be like, courtesy of a new fan film from dancer and YouTuber Erika Rodgers. In it, Geralt and Triss chase down a bad guy, then engage in some surprisingly-well-choreographed sword fighting and fireball throwing. Naturally, things don’t go well for the bad guy.

If the guy playing Geralt looks familiar, it’s because he’s Ben Schamma, CD Projekt’s official promo model. Schamma seems pretty proud of his work in the film

“Finally it’s done. I hope you like it. Before you start bashing anything, don’t forget – it’s a fan made film and there will be people reading these comments who spent a whole lot of time and money on this.”

The only think I’ll bash it for is being too short. Bring on more live-action Witcher fun!

[via VG 24/7]