Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Slices Its Way To Steam's Greenlight Arena

by Robert Workman

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.55.03 PM

It’s not often you see an indie game get tremendous buzz these days, but that’s apparently what’s happening with Doborog Games’ Workshop’s Clone Drone In the Danger Zone, a hilariously over-the-top robot combat game that, in three days’ time, managed to become greenlit by its large community.

The game looks pretty sweet, relying on classic old-school sprites in a variety of arenas, as you use a robot to kick butt and take names against both grounded and flying enemies alike. Along the way, if you survive long enough (and you might, who knows), you can use upgrades to help make your robot an even stronger warrior.

Oh, and did we mention the game’s comical dialogue? We don’t know if the developers intended to make it so hilarious or not, but, yes, damn it, it is. And if you don’t believe us, just watch the gameplay below, in which JackSepticEye rips through it at light speed. You’ll have just as much fun watching this as you will playing it when the game eventually finds a release. (It doesn’t have a release date just yet, but things are moving in the right direction for the team.)

You can read up more on the game here, and check out the official Steam Greenlight page here.

All that’s missing? Kenny Loggins, of course.

And, of course, Archer.

By Robert Workman

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