Final Fantasy XV Is Getting Character Creation Soon

by Robert Workman

(Photo: DualShockers)

Square Enix is adding a lot of cool stuff to Final Fantasy XV – and now, a character creation tool could very well be on deck.

While speaking with the folks at DualShockers, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, teased the feature, with the above image showcasing just what it could be like, enabling players to tweak everything from height to head size to muscle. The final version of the tool reportedly will have pages’ worth of options to tweak for your character.

“The character creation function is actually in the works right now,” said Tabata. “However [it] is not something that we can just show off, as it would probably not wow your readers at this stage. However, what we’re doing right now is not just implementing a character creation feature, but we want to combine that with a multiplayer feature, so that players can not only create a new character, but also bring it in multiplayer.”

A date hasn’t been given to the feature yet, but hopefully we’ll see it debut sometime this year.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By Robert Workman

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