Gameband Looks To Bring An Atari-Themed Smartwatch To Gamers

by Robert Workman

(Photo: Gameband)

We’ve seen smartwatches introduced in the past with a number of functions, including heart rate tracking and other small features. But what about games? Well, it doesn’t seem like the ideal interface for a big gaming session, but Gameband is giving it a shot anyway.

The company has introduced a new Kickstarter program to bring its new smartwatch line to the forefront, with a focus on “being for gamers.” “Built specifically for people who love to game, Gameband is a powerful Smartwatch,” the company notes on its Kickstarter page. “It runs on one of the fastest processors for wearables in the world, has a stunning AMOLED display, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and our own Android OS with a broad suite of productivity apps.

There’s also MicroSD compatibility, so that gamers can expand the space on their watch and download a bunch of different titles as they see fit, as well as making room for music and other files.

What’s most perplexing about these watches is that there’s actually an official Atari model, which features games like Pong and Asteroids. We’re still not sure how they run with touch-screen controls, but the idea is certainly fascinating, especially to old-schoolers looking to take their favorite games on the go. Other titles will be added as well, including the arcade classic Centipede.

A special Terraria model will also be made, featuring a cool little leather strap and, of course, the game playable right on the screen.

(Photo: Gameband)

The project looks to be a raging success, already making $140,000 – nearly double the initial $75,000 goal. And you’ve still got over a month to place an order for your own special watch, which is set to be delivered this September. So check it out if you need a cool smartwatch, but don’t feel like paying extreme prices for an Apple Watch.

Check out the official Kickstarter page here!

By Robert Workman

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