Activision: Taking Call Of Duty Into Space Was A Mistake

by Robert Workman


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a great game, managing to pack in an exciting single player campaign, fun multiplayer and one of the best Zombies modes in some time, all in one package. And yet, there are a lot of fans that were rubbed the wrong way by the game, mainly due to its space theme. And it appears Activision is well aware of that.

When the game’s initial trailer debuted on YouTube last year, it ended up being one of the most disliked trailers in the channel’s history, with over three million and counting. Still, Activision remained steadfast and led through with the game’s release, where it sold pretty decently – but not as strongly as other games.

Activision finally addressed the matter with its recent earnings call, after it had said that Call of Duty would return to its roots with its newer entries. As for whether Infinite Warfare was a mistake, COO Thomas Tippi explained, “Activision’s November release was a high quality, innovative game that paired with Modern Warfare Remastered offered a tremendous amount of value and gameplay variety. However, sales underperformed our expectations, and it’s clear that for a portion of our audience, the space setting just didn’t resonate.”

Bobby Kotick, CEO for the company, added, “As I’ve said many times before, any long-standing franchise like Call of Duty there’s a balancing act we need to strike between staying true to the things people love about the franchise and also the need to never become complacent, and to keep pushing for innovation to keep the franchise fresh.

“Last year, I don’t think we got that balance right. Infinite Warfare had a ton of great gameplay innovations that many of our fans appreciated, but it also had a setting that didn’t appeal to all of our fans.”

Kotick concluded, “The good news is that I am excited to say that in 2017, we think we have this balance in perfect harmony, with a game that our teams are very passionate about, with a lot of great innovations. But, that also has the traditional combat that we know our fans are going to love.”

All eyes are on Sledgehammer Studios, as it’s their turn to reveal what’s next in the world of Call of Duty. Fingers crossed that it’s a great one.

By Robert Workman

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