Resident Evil 7 Is Surprisingly Squeamish About Gore In Japan

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Capcom)

Usually when gamers work themselves into a tizzy about censorship, it's because a Japanese game has had some objectionable (usual sexual) content removed during the Western localization process. But what about in Japan? Does any sort of video game censorship happen over there?

Actually, yes. While the Japanese moral watchdogs are clearly more lenient about the sexy stuff, they're quite a bit more judgmental about violence. Games are often altered to be significantly less bloody in Japan, a policy that applies equally to games developed locally in the country. Infamously violent Japanese games like The Evil Within and No More Heroes save much of their gruesomeness exclusively for Western audiences.

This brings us to Resident Evil 7. The game is easily the most violent Resident Evil to date, featuring copious splatter and stomach-churning gross-out moments – or at least it does if you're playing in North America or Europe. In Japan, Resident Evil 7 has been the subject of some pretty heavy-handed censorship.

[SPOILERS HEAD!] YouTube channel Censored Gaming recently put together a little video which gives you a taste of just how extensive the cuts are. The video focuses on the fate of poor Deputy Anderson, who is offed in spectacular fashion early in the game then desecrated by the player in a later scene. Most of that is gone in the Japanese version of the game – the top of the Deputy's head doesn't fall off during his death scene, you don't find his head in the fridge, and you certainly don't have to reach down his gaping neck hole to grab an important key. Whether or not that's a good thing is up to you.

So yeah, before you get worked up about a minor bit of video game censorship, realize this is an issue players all around the world deal with. Thankfully, a good game is usually still a good game despite cuts. You can't censor fun.

[via Kotaku]