Battlefield 1 Getting Massive Winter Update

by Robert Workman


DICE took to its livestream channel earlier today to reveal some of the new stuff coming to Battlefield 1’s Winter Update, which is expected to drop tomorrow.

First up, the Ribbon system will be making a comeback, providing players with a 300 XP bonus for each time they meet certain goals that are provided. 20 ribbons will be given out at first, and you can earn them repeatedly in order to get a boost in XP.

You’ll also see an increase in class ranks, going up from 10 to 50, and you’ll be able to earn new icons for the kill card, as well as dogtags that are specific for certain classes.

Elite weapon codexes are also coming to the game. If you achieve 500 kills, you’ll be able to earn the codex for those weapons, like the M1897 Trench Gun, the Automatico M1918 and the M1907 SL, among others. You’ll also earn a 25,000 XP bonus for your trouble.

You’ll also be able to vote for new maps at the end of each forthcoming round, along with creating a server admin, so you can kick unwanted players out if you don’t want them around. The Netcode will be improved in certain ways as well.

This, on top of the They Shall Not Pass expansion coming in a month or so, should keep Battlefield 1 players quite busy.

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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