SNES Archival Expert Trying To Make Up For $10,000 Worth Of Stolen Games

by Robert Workman


Sometimes doing something that you love can come at a price – in this case, around $10,000.

A game archivist by the name of Byuu was in the process of attempting to digitally archive a library of Super Nintendo games, working with a game collector to note the complete collection for the console. The collector agreed to loan Byuu the games in order to finish his project, on the promise that he would send them back. 

But leave it to the United States Post Office to run into a snag. One of the packages, which ended up being worth around $10,000, ended up getting lost in the mail, never being sent out of its office.

Byuu has been working with the post office to try and track down the package, but only with minimal process thus far. In a Twitter update, he noted that part of the package was found by the office – but only the label.

“Thanks. I found my missing package…label. Your employees ripped it off the box and stole a $10,000 package from me,” he said. He then posted pictures of said label to prove his point.

The package was insured, but, since it was for the USPS, it was only for 1,000 Euros – not even close to the cost of the games that ended up being lost or stolen. So, Byuu is trying to cobble together as much money as possible to repurchase the games and send them back to the collector. But he noted that he’s looking for a little help.

"I will pitch in as much of my own money as I possibly can, but I am asking for your help to fund replacement for these lost games. I will also accept donations for any of the missing games, of course! But preferably try not to send them through USPS for obvious reasons.

“I will keep everyone updated on the funding level, and I will also be setting up a webpage to indicate the status of each game missing and each game replaced."

Those interested in helping Byuu along can donate either through Paypal or Patreon. It’d be nice if the USPS could actually do something about the matter, but it sure doesn’t seem that way…

By Robert Workman

Robert Workman has spent years working in the video game industry, for sites like Shacknews, AOL GameDaily and Marooners Rock. He's also very skilled in contributing to podcasts and video broadcasts, and can pretty much out-game you under the table. Oh, and just go ahead and ask him about glorious craft beers. Go on, ask him.