The Division and Rainbow Six Dirt Cheap From Best Buy

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Ubisoft)

In case you missed it, we reported that you can score Titanfall 2 right now from Best Buy for only $25. If you want to go all-in (and you should), you can get the deluxe version for $35. But that's not all! There are more incredible shooters available at incredible discounts today from Best Buy as featured deals of the day. Tom Clancy's The Division and Rainbow Six Siege are both available on multiple platforms for only $20.

Here are the deals on their respective platforms, with links:

Every game on sale today is worth having in your library. Many of have perhaps dipped your toe and tried The Division at launch and decided that it wasn't for you, but the game has reaped the benefit of multiple updates and expansions, and the newer survival mode definitely makes this a must-play game. If you're a lapsed player who sold your copy a while back, here's your chance to jump back in at a discount.

As for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft just kicked off its second season with Operation Velvet Shell, introducing a new map and two new operators, which are available to everyone. Siege boasts more registered users and concurrent players now than it did at launch, and an initially stellar tactical shooter has just been getting better every month since launch. It was my FPS of the year last year, and you owe it to yourself to check it out!

We already said enough about Titanfall 2, so I won't pitch it to you again here. Just know that at this price, it's a no-brainer.

By Matthew Hayes

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