Titanfall 2 $25 Today Only From Best Buy

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Respawn Entertainment)

Titanfall 2 is on sale right now from Best Buy. As its deal of the day, Best Buy is offering Titanfall 2 on PlayStatoin 4, Xbox One, and PC for more than half off. If you're just looking to pick up the standard version of the game, you can grab it for about $25.

First thing's first. I'm going to link you to all of the deals so you can find them right away, and then I'm going to tell you exactly why you need to play Titanfall 2. No bull-crap, no sales pitch. I'm going to tell you straight-up as a lifelong gamer why I love this game so much. First, here's where to find the game.

Even on the slimmest gaming budget, you should be able to fit that in. Titanfall 2 is the best multiplayer shooter that has blessed the industry since the release of Overwatch, and to be honest, my honeymoon period with Overwatch came and went in a period of weeks, whereas Titanfall 2 has become more entertaining over time.

The main reason I love mmultiplayer in Titanfall 2 so much is its sense of inertia and momentum. This is one of the fastest moving games I've ever played, but I don't necessarily mean that in a twitchy Call of Duty pro gamer way. It's not fast in that you must have great reflexes in order to enjoy it or play well. It's fast the way a great action movie is fast. It takes your breath away, and constantly provides jaw-dropping thrills either for you, or around you.

There's always something incredible happening in a Titanfall 2 match. If you're a pro, then it's going to be you sneaking up enemies from behind and performing brutal executions before boosting up to scale a wall at full-sprint, dropping grenades and bullets on your foes below before leaping off and landing on top of your gnarly fighting robot who welcomes you into its hull to continue the fight.

If you're not a pro, then it'll be you on the ground expending entire magazines in an attempt to preserve your life as explosions, cracks, and pops bombard your senses and towering mechs slash, pound, and fire away at each other causing mass destruction. It's a cacophonous spectacle, and damn it, it never gets old.

Buy. This. Game.

By Matthew Hayes

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