Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Reveals Its New Samurai Class In An Epic Cinematic

by Nathan Birch

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Europe is currently in full swing in Frankfort, Germany, and Square Enix has used the event to announce new information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. First off, the expansion's epic opening cinematic has been released, and you should definitely give it a watch.

The cinematic gives us a look at both the new Red Mage and Samurai classes throwing down. We already knew the Red Mage would be part of Stormblood, but the Samurai class is a new reveal. As you might expect, the katana-wielding Samurai is all about inflicting quick, heavy damage on enemies. Samurai won't have a base class and will start at level 50, so you can get right to the high-level slicing and dicing.

The cinematic also shows off maps for the new continents you'll be exploring, dotted with various markers and locations. Players will get to explore a new hub in the port of Kugane, set up house in the Shirogane residential area, and battle through two fresh dungeons, entitled Yanaxia and The Azim Steppe. It definitely seems like this expansion will be bringing a good amount of content with it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will storm the PC and PS4 on June 30.

[via Kotaku]