Final Fantasy XV's Recent PS4 Pro Patch Actually Makes The Game Run Worse

by Nathan Birch

Yesterday Square Enix released a Final Fantasy XV patch which promised to bring unlocked 60 fps smoothness to Playstation 4 Pro owners. Sounds great in theory, but in reality, players have found the update actually makes the game's framerate less reliable.

Following the 1.05 patch, those playing Final Fantasy XV can choose from two visual modes – one that offers higher resolutions and slick graphical effects at a locked 30 fps, or one that ditches the visual bells and whistles in favor of an unlocked framerate, which can go as high as 60 fps. Again, sounds great on paper, but the tech heads at Eurogamer's Digital Foundry have found both options have their issues. You can check out their video analysis at the top of this post.

The fancier visual option mostly maintains its 30 fps target, but is beset with frame juddering, which makes the gameplay appear choppy. Meanwhile, the “lite” visual option delivers a higher framerate, but it's not consistent at all, bouncing all over between 40 and 60 fps, and as most technically-minded gamers will tell you, a consistent yet “slow” framerate is better than one that's all over the map.

Unfortunately, Square Enix has also taken away the option to cap the “lite” visual mode at 30 fps, so right now your only two options are a choppy framerate or an inconsistent one. In other words, PS4 Pro owners may want to wait on that 1.05 update until Square Enix issues a fix.

[via Digital Foundry]