Follow-Up On Missing SNES Games Leads To A Happy Ending

by Robert Workman

(Photo: Byuu)

So earlier this month, we reported the sad news that the United States Postal Service had somehow misplaced a $10,000 shipment of classic SNES games, which an archivist by the name of Byuu was in the midst of using to catalog the full collection of games for the system. That left him pretty high and dry, and having to ask the public for help in replenishing the cost of the missing games, without the USPS being much help.

After the label had been recovered, Byuu lost hope that the package was lost forever – but, alas, there’s a happy ending.

Byuu provided a recent update that the package, in fact, has been found, and all of the games have been delivered to him in completion. It turns out that the package had ended up sitting in a USPS delivery warehouse in Atlanta for well over a month, without any sort of delivery options available.

The archivist credited the media for spreading the word about the missing package, which may have pushed USPS to track it down and make sure it was properly delivered to him. Otherwise, he feared it could’ve been ultimately donated to another organization, or, worse yet, auctioned off with other not-delivered items.

As a result, Byuu has promised a refund to everyone that has donated money via Paypal, although he’s keeping his Patreon open, for those that wish to purchase the rest of the SNES games for themselves in case they feel like archiving them. That way, he explained, the donor doesn’t have to take all the risk.

It’s just great to see that Byuu isn’t stuck holding the short end of the stick in this situation, and that the USPS was able to resolve the matter – even though it took well over a month to do so. But all’s well that ends well!

By Robert Workman

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