Skylanders Will Get A New Role-Playing Adventure On Mobile

by Robert Workman


Despite the fact that Skylanders: Imaginators didn’t quite sell as well as Activision was hoping, the series will continue on in a big way for 2017.

Along with the forthcoming second season of Skylanders Academy (which will debut on Netflix this year), Activision has also announced that it’s working on a new game in the series. However, instead of being something in its usual toys-to-life line of games, it will instead be a role-playing adventure that’s made specifically for mobile devices.

Activision has paired up with the development team at Com2us to make the game – a company that has plenty of experience in role-playing development with its previously released Summoners War.

Josh Taub, senior vice president of Skylanders product management for Activision, said, ““There are many mobile game companies, but very few have found success globally. We are excited to be working with Com2us, as they have proven expertise in the mobile role-playing game genre."

There’s no word yet on any other Skylanders projects that are being planned (like the annual toys-to-life game release), but, for the time being, it looks like this unnamed role-playing adventure will be getting all of Activision’s focus for the time being.

It’s certainly a sound strategy, enabling Activision to continue work on the franchise (instead of scrapping it completely) and developing it for a market that would make it easier for a worldwide audience to grasp, rather than requiring the use of a physical portal and toys that need to be purchased separately in order for the game to work. Now the only question is how Skylanders fans will adopt the new formula.

Whatever the case, Skylanders looks to be going full steam ahead for the year, and who knows, it could live on as a mobile franchise from hereon in – or the role-playing game could always be adapted to consoles as well.

We’ll let you know how its development rolls along…

By Robert Workman

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