Call of Duty: Update Notes For 2/23

by Steven Cropley

(Photo: Activision)

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has received its latest update. The latest iteration in the Call of Duty series has seen many large patches since its release back in November of 2016, but this is not one of them.

Only a few changes were made outside of the typical exploit fixes expected, however, this will certainly not be the end of changes as the publisher continues to look toward improving the games competitive aspect.

For the competitive player, ADS while sliding when using the Power Slide Trait on the FTL rig was removed, payload timers in Hardpoint and Uplink game modes was decreased by 10% while Search and Destroy remains unaffected.

For the zombie lovers, gas grenades will no longer damage the Slasher and Super Slasher in addition to the Repulsor being unable to kill the Slasher.

Full update notes:

General Fixes

• Various exploit fixes


• Removing ADS while sliding when using the Power Slide Trait on the FTL rig

• Our recent Payload timer update negatively affected CWL Overdrive, which was in a good play balance wise. We brought Overdrive time back to the previous setting for CWL only

• Decreased all Payload weapon earn times by 10% in Hardpoint and Uplink modes. Search and Destroy weapon earn rates are currently unaffected

• We will continue to evaluate Payload earn rates in all modes and make adjustments as needed

Rave in the Redwoods

• Moved the Devastator closer to the door to prevent players from accidentally buying it when buying Trail Blazers

• Don’t allow the gas grenade to damage the Slasher and Super Slasher

• Don’t allow the Repulsor to kill the Slasher