Disney Savagely Whittling Down Its Maker Studios Business And Sponsored YouTubers

by Robert Workman


At one point, working alongside Disney and Maker Studios seemed like a dream come true for most YouTube superstars – but it’s soon about to convert into a nightmare.

Polygon is reporting that the studio is set to lay off approximately 80 people from Maker Studios, and drop support for a huge portion of its YouTubers. How many? Try 55,000.

The studio noted that this move has been in the works for some time, before PewDiePie ran wild with his controversial comments that cost him a partnership with Maker Studios.

As a result, Disney will reportedly stop promoting various YouTubers’ channels and won’t sell any more ads, although it hasn’t broken down just who this will affect, and, more importantly, when.

Overall, the company only wants to support around 300 YouTubers in all, a far cry from the 60,000 it previously supported. It intends to feature channels that share the same core values as the company does with its internal products, and will incorporate remaining YouTube stars under its Disney banner for work within other divisions. This is way different from the company’s previous business standard, where YouTubers could work without having to worry about being a public face for the company.

Disney has been struggling for the longest time in trying to figure out how to make a much bigger amount of money from YouTube talent, and this move will help it narrow down where those profits come from.

Neither studio have commented on the move yet, but many within the YouTube community are already fearing it, and wondering what they’ll do next without that comfort of being backed. It’s only a matter of time before Disney reveals who it’ll get “rid of,” and who it will keep with the move.

We certainly wish those YouTube stars the best of luck.

By Robert Workman

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